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meme: similarities & differences

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  • We’re both anti-social chicks loving zombie flicks
  • We cuss like sailors
  • We try to be the badass of the group
  • We both hate school


  • Zoey gets along with her dad, yeah no mun does not.
  • Zoey has green eyes, I have hazel ( grey-blue ) eyes.
  • She likes lizards and I’m like nah — caaats.

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                                 “So? Haven’t you ever heard,
                               little things can pack a big punch?”


His pout  only deepens, arms folding over his chest. He was NOT a drama queen. Just…a little dramatic sometimes.

"Fine, then the only
        consolation I will accept
                is a drink. Which you’ll
                                    have to pay for.”

Her smile falters, seriously? Was he asking her to buy him a drink now? Hands drop to her hips and a sneering glance is shot his way.
      “Dude, you’re out of your mind if you think I’m buying you a drink!
       I’ll just uhh —
       apologize that your girlish figure couldn’t handle a punch
       from a chick two times smaller than you.
       Sorry. For. Your. Girlish. Figure.
Yes, she’s totally being a major bitch right now. Zoey’s not the type to apologize for the things she does, mostly because she has this s a s s y little back of her mind attitude that she’s gotta’ be Ms. Cool all the time.

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                  what the motherfucking shit was that?
                  a guy can’t walk around in questionable shady parts of a city without
                  getting a new hole just because some trigger-happy fuck decided to
                  sharpen their shooting skills?

                                    which ——- ow.

                  righteous indignation fills up to the brim like boiling water. pissed off
                  barely covers it. if he could —- and he might —- he’ll return the favor
                  with one of his own bullets.

     ” dude ; the fuck ?!
       fuckin’ shit, do i look like a fuckin’ zombie to you? 

      “How the Hell was I supposed to know?!
       You’re out here snooping around my camp in the middle of the night —
       And you don’t EXPECT to be shot at?”
That mostly apologetic tone switched pretty fucking quick when she realized he was perfectly f i n e . Pistol is held firmly in her grip, she isn’t aiming it at him now. He should be grateful of that, because she doesn’t like strangers these days. They get you killed. Emerald hues narrow at him.
       ”You were probably trying to loot my shit, anyway.”

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"Yep. Twenty-one. My mom’s ol’ boyfriend taught me way back when I was a kid, ‘n’ back when he was addicted to them gamblin’ shows on TV. Always said he wanted t’ go sign up ‘n’ be on one — come home with lots’a money from winnin, ‘n’ shit — but she didn’t approve’a him gamblin’ with her money.”

He snickers fondly at the memory while glancing at the cards dealt to him. Six up, seven down — lips press firm and he forgets his poker face for a moment to nod.


"So? We gotta kill time somehow; don’t know what they’d expect us t’ be doin’ otherwise.”
     Then two fingers lightly tap his cards. “Hit me.”

      “I gambled all the time in college —
       my roommate was perfect bait to trick people into thinking we both sucked.”
Zoey can’t help but chuckle to the thought, everyone always thought she was some dumb clueless girl, til they got to know her.
      “I was mostly into texas hold ‘em and five card stud.
       Can’t tell you how many times I pissed off some dumb drunks —
       by taking their money.”

She counts up her own cards, 17. Go figure, 6 and 7. Who the Hell dealt this hand anyway — oh.
      “Here ya’ go, hotshot.”
She mentions sliding a card across the table to him. She’s just gonna’ go ahead and stick with what she’s got. She knows better than to hit on 17, also, wasn’t there some dumb rule that dealers always stayed on 17?
      “Well it’s not like there much to do now anyway.
       We’ll take a supply run later, right?”

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      “I’ve uh — I’ve got matches?
       Will those help?”

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     ”Goddamnit, Zoey. Why do you always gotta make everything so difficult? Don’t be rude and flick paper footballs at people.” Jake made a face and chunked the paper back at her. “And damnit that did hurt. Who the hell taught you how to flick those things? They are like ninja stars.”


"Because — I’m Zoey, and that’s what I do." She says smugly with a smug expression as she catches that paper like a pro. Zoey’s just going to grin at him now. "I majored in Ninjaism — minored in badassery."

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There’s a flash of something — almost like a pout — that comes across Ellis’s face as the deck is ripped away from him. It changes once he realizes how stupid he probably looks.


My game? Well, uh. Uh—” Don’t say go fish, slick. That’s for kids.
     “—I c’n play a mean Blackjack, y’know.”

Zoey snickers for a moment continuing to shuffle the deck through his words. She totally caught that slip up.

Emerald hues focus on the backs of the cards for a moment.
      “Blackjack, hm? Haven’t played that since I was like… 11.
       My dad taught me — since we didn’t have cable,
       so we always played card games and board games.
       Gotta’ get as close to 21 without going over, right?”
It wasn’t a sad memory, actually it made her feel all the more content as she dealt out one up and one down to them each.
      “You know,
       we’re gonna’ get yelled at when everyone realizes we’re slacking,
But there’s a devilish grin she picks up to the thought. They were safe for now, anyway. Better here playing cards than out listening to the gang bicker. They’d been on a roll lately.

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don’t give me that tone of face. What you flickin stuff at me for? Gosh.


I’m sorry, that piece of paper must’ve hurt like a bitch — but Jake. JAKE. JACOBY. I’ll give you w h a t e v e r tone of face I want to. Because, I do what I want.

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"Naw. Naw I— …wait. Hold on a minute."
Tongue brushing his lips, Ellis reaches into his uniform — procuring a small box.


     “Well, whaddya know!
      I reckon Nick ain’t gonna be too pleased he never got ‘is cards back.”

      “I’ll be sure to let him know —
       IF he even notices they’re missing,
       that they were donated to a good cause.”

Tiniest smirk pulls onto the woman’s features as she slips the box from his fingers.
      “… Hmm, so what’s your game, Ellis?”
Inquired as she shuffles and bridges the cards. Hey give her some credit, she might’ve done a little bit of hustling back in college. Occasionally.

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